In this commercially volatile market; Are you certain that client issued Bills of Quantities are accurate? Are you paying attention to the cost of variations?

It is common knowledge that more and more contractors are feeling the pressure caused by the ongoing materials shortages in the UK. Not only are they causing delays to construction programmes, but they are also leading to increased project costs from both suppliers and sub-contractors putting pressure on already tight margins.

Isn’t now a time to be paying more attention to the accuracy of Bills of Quantities and On-site Measured Variations?

So, who is paying attention to the accuracy of the quantities and measurements? Are contractors paying over the odds and more when there is a variation, with the finger pointed at ‘the rise in material costs’, and then is this being accepted with no further interrogation of the new quantities?

Mynott Associates not only produce Bills of Quantities from project design and spec. (i.e. tender packs), but can also check existing Bills of Quantities for accuracy, as well as measure On-Site Variations. Mynott Associates are the UK’s ‘go-to’ specialist quantity surveyor’s for both pre-tender and live on-site project variations.

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