More than just a play in the park……..

On Monday 28th March, a team from Mynott Associates eagerly started work on the first community volunteering project of the year for the Bedford based office, namely the ‘Milburn Road/Norse Road Children’s Play Area Renovation’ project.   

The play area which adjoins a large residential estate where families with young children live looked dull and unattractive on arrival, with much of the paintwork worn and rusting away in patches. It was important that the play area was brought back to its former glory and made to look attractive again for families and children to enjoy.

The task in hand was to rub down and re-paint the metal play equipment, and the project needed to be completed in one week, just in time for the Easter School holidays. The play area consisted of one huge climbing frame with a slide, two sets of swings, three seesaws, and three metal panels.

The team consisted of Mynott Associates Bedford office-based staff, ex colleagues and a long-term friend and business associate David Frankum. All were assigned hours on a rota to ensure that the project didn’t compromise the day-to-day tasks in the office.

Everyone involved worked incredibly hard despite the weather not being the heatwave that the UK had experienced the previous week. After the first day being lovely and sunny, the remainder of the week brought much rain, followed by sleet and snow which slowed down the progress but didn’t stop the determined team from finishing.

Staff were approached by passers-by that told them how grateful they were and thanked them for all our efforts.

Derek Mynott, Mynott Associates Managing Director said:

“We are constantly looking for ways that we can do our bit and give something back to the communities close to our office here in Bedford. It’s been a bit of a struggle during the Covid pandemic to find a project that was still able to go ahead. This was perfect being outside, and fortunately for me, I was graced with sunshine on the first day of the project.”

“The project not only created a nicer play area for our local community, but I felt we all benefitted from the time away from the office environment doing something that would have a positive impact. A definite sense of achievement amongst the team! Thank you to all involved.”

“A special thank you to our Office Manager, Susanna Auty for finding a community project that we could invest our time into. It’s perfect, just down the road from the office so we can see it being enjoyed, especially with the summer months coming up.”

If you are seeking volunteers for a community in or close to Bedford, please send the details to or call 01234 581940.

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