How can I get a quote for a bill of quantities?

This is a very straightforward process that you can approach in two different ways both of which have the same outcome.

Either, call our office on +44 (0)1234 581940 and talk to us initially providing details about your requirements, we’ll then ask you to send us what details you have. On receipt of that information, unless we have any further queries, we’ll submit our proposal back to you within 24 hours of receipt.

Or, send us an email to with the relevant link or attach any details you have, we’ll contact you to make sure we understand your requirements, and again we’ll submit our proposal back to you within 24 hours.

We will always comply with your specific requirements when it comes to the tender CSA or any other pricing schedule that needs to be returned with your tender.

We will always ask if you would like us to approach other tenderer’s with a bill share proposal to save you costs. From experience, we understand that some contractors prefer exclusivity or to make the decision on a project-by-project basis.

Our fee proposal will be on a lump sum basis with a committed return date that fits with your own internal programme. There will be no change to our return date unless there are changes to the originally agreed brief, in which case we would notify you.

All bills of quantities can be submitted in Excel or CITE format for easy importation to your estimating software.